Guangzhou Development District excels in sci-tech innovation


A photo of Guangzhou Science City, dubbed the Silicon Valley of South China. [Photo/Xinhua]

The Guangzhou Development District in eastern Guangzhou ranked first among 219 state-level economic and technological development zones in terms of scientific and technological innovation, according to recent evaluation reports from the Ministry of Commerce.

The rankings are based on a comprehensive evaluation of the industrial basis, technological innovation, regional driving force, environmental protection, and administrative efficiency of the zones.

As the top-ranking sci-tech innovation zone, Guangzhou Development District has achieved remarkable results in cultivating innovation and spurring innovation-driven development in recent years.

The reports also revealed that the district ranks second in term of overall economic strength, and among the top three in industrial basis, foreign capital utilization and foreign trade.

The Guangzhou Development Zone is helping Guangzhou develop a new generation of strategic emerging industries, such as next-generation information technology, artificial intelligence and biomedicine (IAB). The total economic output of these three strategic industries accounts for over 50 percent of the city's total.