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Select Photo Name Sex Age Degree Major School
liangjunjie male 39 Bachelor administrative south china university of technology
Mr. w male 38 Associate management / english gx university
VISEN male 42 Bachelor computer using / accounting CHANGCHUN tax university
Ye Ning female 36 Bachelor english / computer Guangzhou university
Jodylee female 33 Associate International Economics and Trade Guangdong vocational college of Industry and Commerce
Chen Xuhong male 27 Master Management Ulster University
Jiao Liting female 42 Bachelor Matematics Guangzhou University
YangChao male 34 Associate 502090324 No 9 High School of Lu Xian
Mr. H male 41 Bachelor Finance Beijing  Industry and Commerce  University
Jady Xie female 32 Bachelor Computer Application / Graphic design Hunan Institute of Technology
Mr. L male 39 Associate Mechatronics / Mechatronics south china university of technology
KongYanhong female 33 Associate International Trade / Business English Guangdong Financial & Economic College
Cheri Huang female 34 Bachelor International economy and trade Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Yanjianmei female 35 Associate international trade Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College
Hugh Chu male 45 Master MBA / English Zhongnan University of Economics & Law
PanRongfeng male 34 Associate Numerical Control Technology Senior Technical School of Qingyuan
David Gu male 36 Associate International Trade Chao Shan College
Coybito Liao male 40 Bachelor Opto-electronics Nanchuang university
Wai-sheng Wu male 41 Bachelor chemical engineering Nan-chang university of jiang xi province
Mike Zeng male 30 Bachelor Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation Yichun University

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