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Resume number: 54680602 Updating date: 2020-01-09 23:17:23 no photo
Name: Mr. s Nationality: China (Mainland)
Current Place: Guangzhou Height/Weight: 175 cm75 kg
Marital Status: married Age: 47 years
Career Objective
Application type: Jobseeker
Preferred job title: CEO/COO/President/GM: CEO 、 Factory manager/Factory Director: 、 Marketing Director/Manager/Supervisor:
Working life: 26 Title: Middle title
Job type: Full time Expected Start date: In a month
Expected salary: above ¥20000 Preferred working place: No preference Guangdong province Jiangsu
Work experience
Company's name:Dongguan J&S car components companyBegin and end date: 2018-07-2020-12
Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: GM 
Job description: Dongguan J&S is a JV between Taiwan and Guangdong, Main business partner is China Gulf Plastic Company (CGPC, a listed company in Taiwan, and a subordinate enterprises of USI group).Major client include Honda,Nissan, Mitsubishi, GM,Ford and other car factory, Major product include PVC leather,TPU leather, TPO leather, Subsidiary products include car refrigerator and automotive exterior plastic parts.
●  Responsible for the operation of the company, including business, design, storage and transportation, procurement, admininstrative, financial and other departments of management;
●  Responsible for the company automotive industry business development, management and maintenance in mainland China;
●  Responsible for the coordination of partner PVC artificial leather factory establishment in mainland China, progress of new product R&D work;
●  Developing and training sales team, optimize management system of company;
Achievement: ●  Smoothly structured business cooperation platform including CGPC,the US company Omnova(CGT), created good condition to develop car seat client business;
●  Participated in project quotation of car client in Guangzhou and Shanghai,and obtain product approving in two car company;
●  Some types of products have entered repairing and after-sale market, with the sales growing;
●  Have set up and sounded company sales operation system, Cultivated a hard-working sales team;
Reasons for leaving: Face-to-face interpretation 
Company's name:Mold-Tech (Dongguan) Ltd. CompanyBegin and end date: 2010-09-2018-06
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Executive deputy GM 
Job description: MT-DG is a subordinary enterprises of Mold-Tech Group, which is belong to USA NYSE listing corporation —Standex, The company's main business is the metal mold texture etching / tribo-coat / engraving, under the jurisdiction include Dongguan, Xiamen, Chongqing three factory, the Dongguan plant is the largest plant in this industry. It's main customer is automotive and non automotive industry.
● Responsible for the operation management of Sales, Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, Purchasing & logistics in MTDG, and operation management of MT-Xiamen, MT-Chongqing plant;
● Support for Kaizen activity & Plan execution for Manufacturing, Sales, Quality, R&D, Purchasing &logistics, etc.
● Responsible for coordination with MT-Suzhou and oversea sister company at project manufacturing, Sales project acquirement, etc..
● Responsible for evaluate & adjust each operation department`s performance & function, make sure both company and each department will reach operation target;

● The sales has increased more than 30% every year from FY2010. the market share is continue expanding, MTDG became the largest etching plant in the world;
● The output of Dongguan Plant was continue growing, and reached full load operation in Y2013. Through a series measures of optimize and improve productivity, The efficiency of Dongguan Plant has increased 15% in 2014, and can be increase 37% if all facility in place, greatly relieved the bottleneck caused by the lack of workshop area;
● Have set up Quality control system, Mold repair rate reduced from 10% to below 3%, reaching the advanced level of industry; (the industry is manual processing);
● Have set up R&D centre in Dongguan Plant, equiped with European synchronized large-scale spray pattern printer and laser engraving machine. The company has start independent R&D in etching liquid, has successfully developed more than ten special formula potion / ointment, which is useful in processing Difficult miscellaneous diseases;
● Standardize packaging of products and optimize the logistics process, has ceased disputes and claim from customer arise from collision of molds;
● Set up XiaMen Plant and Chongqing Plant in 2012 and 2014 to service local customer.
Reasons for leaving: Face-to-face interpretation 
Company's name:Foshan valeo auto light and end date: 2007-07-2010-07
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Sales Director 
Job description: Responsibilities &Achievements:
● Participated in coordinating the transfer of fog lamp production line from European and wuhan factory to foshan factory, and transferred business with relevant customers;

● Responsible for the draw up and implementation of the company's annual price negotiations with all customers and then signing all the annual contracts;

● Responsible for the development of the company's new business growth targets and plan implementation, supervise the sales team to complete the business development and retention of customers;

● Responsible for the company's business cooperation in east Asia, and business coordination with colleagues in Europe and Japan;

● Develop and train the sales team to be more professional;


● Completed the approval and certification of all customers for the production line transfer, including handling the deviation online for a key customer :

● Gained more than 10 new businesses in China, and steadily increased the market share of fog lamps in China; Cooperate with colleagues from Japanese companies to acquire several new businesses in Japan and Korea; Developed the domestic after-sales parts market to meet the needs of customers in the group;

● Successfully completed the annual price negotiation for all customers and ensured the profitability of the products; Exceeded the sales volume and new business target set by the company every year, with an average annual sales growth of more than 30%;

● Developed and trained a sales team step by step, and maintained high quality business service level for customers;
Reasons for leaving: promotion 
Company's name:GuangZhou Dongfeng Johnson controls Inc.Begin and end date: 2001-07-2007-06
Enterprise nature:Sino-foreign joint venturesIndustry: Auto and Motercycle Manufacture and Parts
Job Title: Sales Manager 
Job description: Dongfeng Johnson controls is a Sino-US JV of US Johnson Controls(JCI,fortune 500 company) holding, is also a shareholding enterprises of “Dongfeng science& Technology”(Stock market A listed company, stock code:600081); Main product is car seat.
● Responsible for daily sales work management, maintain high customer satisfaction, and make sure to achieve the annual sales and profit target;
● Treat and maintain relationship with key customers, including annual price negotiation(LTA) and cost down negotiation, as well as customer daily survey;
● Develop China region business, coordinate with other region colleague include Europ and Japan to acquire global new business;
● Develop and train sales team;

● With the rapid grows of car industry in China,as well as the efforts of colleagues, our company’s sales has increased by 6 times in 6 years and achieved output saturation; After nominated as department manager at the end of 2004, the company has earn one factory each year in a period of years by the measures of accelerating capital turnover and improving profit ratio; Each year has beyond company’s business and profit targets;
● Under the leadership and support from leader of company and group, I have participated the huge price difference negotiation with key customer in 2005, and put forward the key solution(reconciliation) scheme then ultimately get success. that has avoid fatal loss the company may suffer;
● After been department manager, I have planned the business area to “L”style (Henan, Hubei, Guangdong), and formed business complementarity with other JCI brother factory. Developed two new OEM customer, obtained 4 new business, thus let open branch factory in Wuhan and Zhengzhou, product supply will sustain to the end of 2012;
● Since 2005(for DFN) and 2006(for ZN), we have get “excellent supplier”each year from Dongfeng Nissan and Zhengzhou Nissan; 
Reasons for leaving: Face-to-face interpretation 
Company's name:BYK-Chemie GmbH, GZ representative officeBegin and end date: 1995-09-1998-09
Enterprise nature:Soly foreign funded enterprisesIndustry: Instrument & Meter /Industrial Automation
Job Title: technical sales Engineer 
Job description: BYK is one of the business groups of ALTANA Group (another is BMW Group). Its main products include coating additives, coating testing instruments and related.
* Responsible for technical services and sales promotion of testing instruments in the coating, automotive, textile and other industries;
* Responsible for coordinating business development and service of additives colleagues in the Southern China area
* Personal service customers include coating plants, automobile plants, household appliances plants, etc. The region mainly includes South China and East China, and has meet many customer's satisfaction.
* Individual sales amount increased by 30% or more annually, and attended dozens of technical meeting, making BYK testing instruments widely known and accepted by automobile factories and paint factories in China.
* Representative customers include: Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Guangzhou Peugeot, Foster Motorcycle, Yangtze Motorcycle, ICI Buneimen, JOTUN Coatings, Bridge Coatings, Kansai Coatings, etc. 
Reasons for leaving: Face-to-face interpretation 
Company's name:GuangZhou Jotun Ocean paint Co.Ltd.Begin and end date: 1993-07-1995-09
Enterprise nature:Sino-foreign joint venturesIndustry: Energy/Mineral Products/Chemical Engineering/Environment
Job Title: R&D Engineer 
Job description: This company is a JV between Norway’s JOTUN A/S and Guangzhou ocean transport company(subordinate of COSCO),main product is industrial paint, civil and wall paint, floor paint,etc..
● Responsible for paint product process development,and is in charge of raw material replacement from import to domestic;
● Assist production manager to arrange the producing of paint

● Have successfully finished the work of replacing import raw material to local material (more than 400 pieces of formula) under the direction of Paint expert Arni.W.Henriksen. Product quality has reached EU standards, and reduced product cost,shorten delivery period, enhanced competitiveness of product cost and supply chain;
● Prepared relevant product brochures, familiar with paint testing,R&D, and production process; 
Reasons for leaving: Face-to-face interpretation 
Educational Background
Name of School: South China University of Technology (SCUT)
Highest Degree: Master Date of Graduation: 2001-07-01
Name of Major 1: Chemical Engineering Name of Major 2: Coal Chemical Engineering 
Education experience:
Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No
2002-012002-03ShenZhen Institute of tsingHua UniversityMarketing Management & Sustainable Devel
2003-072003-08Wilson Learning CorporationCSP(Counselor Salesperson Professional)CSP certificate
2007-122007-12Guangzhou Yujie consulting companyTS16949 Internal auditor traininginnerAuditor Certificate
2014-052018-06DUT management skill Salonmanagement theory & skill communicationN/A
Language Ability
Foreign Language: English Level: perfect
Chinese level: perfect Cantonese Level: excellent
Relevant skills and abilities
  Driving: license C1 for 15 years,Familiar with driving skills;
Computer software: Familiar with Office series software,like WORD,EXCEL, POWERPOINT,and familiar with AUTOCAD, etc.
Knowledg/Ability structure: Have mastered enterprises operation management knowledg, Economy knowledg,etc.,have related ability like presentation, Analysis,integrations,etc.
Self-recommendation letter
  I have been working in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, and unceasingly learning management knowledge&skills . have a profound understanding of enterprise management . also have a particularly understanding of the profit bring mechanism, understanding the cause analysis and prevention method for the problem in operation, understanding the team configuration and promotion method of team performance, understanding the optimization and structure design of the external enterprise environment, etc. , I have deep understanding and practice for the above field. Concretely, I have received training or learning in leadership-development program, strategic management, organization change management, HRM(Human resource Management), financial management & economic law,etc.,which has achieved good results in the past work experience.

In the factory management practice, I can skillfully use lean production, Six Sigma management, TQM(total quality management), supply chain management, 5S site management and other tools, so that the operation of the factory will be more lean, more efficient, more safety and tidy. In addition, I am familiar with the operation and management of other functional departments such as R&D, procurement, logistics warehousing, administrative housekeeping, HR, sales & marketing, etc. Through supervising and controlling the index of enterprise operation and bench-mark tools, we can get the goal of enterprise operation.

I have been engaged in marketing&Sales work for many years. I have particular understanding & experience in marketing strategy, sales organization and management. I regard a good enterprise growth model is to use marketing needs to promote the improvement and development of various departments in the enterprise. Such enterprises have better market perception and vitality. In addition, I also have the frontline work experience in technical R&D, quality inspection , in recent years I also pay close attention to technical innovation, new product development etc., because the future margin growth point of enterprises will increasingly rely on new technology & new product.

Most of the work in enterprise management is managing people. Good management effect is good implement and unity. I think it's valuable to encourage subordinates and colleagues to work together to achieve the goal. such concept has bring good results in management practices during my past years. Past practices have shown that ordinary staff can also burst out amazing creativity and performance!

My style is, have courage to innovate, accept challenges, encourage staff, planned well in advance, hoping to be able to strive for the best for your company in the current competitive economic environment, and can achieve the brilliant goal!

Suitable work for me: enterprises management, factory management, marketing management, investment management, etc. position.
Thanks for your attention!

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