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 Company/Dept. Name: Kingmetal Resources Co., Ltd
About Company
We are a professional company in manufactruing and saling steel pipe and pipe fittings. We have our own big factory with moden machine line. Our high quality goods 100% exported.
 Contact Info
Address: C1-1102 Kaixin Dongfang Huating Zip Code: 510000
Contact Person: Ms. wei Tel: 020-82241176 Fax: 020-82061066
Email: Website:
 外贸业务员 Recruit number: 4 People Date Posted:July 7, 2020  

Job Label :

Perfered Major:   International Business & Trade International Finance English (Foreign Trade/Business English) Age Requirement:  Unlimited
Desired Education Level:  Associate Current Place:  Guangdong province
Foreign Language:  English excellent Job Location:  Guangzhou  
Cantonese:  Unlimited Job Type:  Full time
Sex:  Unlimited Salary:  ¥4500~¥5499 
Marital Status:  Unlimited Tel:  020-82241176
Contact Person:  韦小姐 Email:
Job Responsibilities & Requirements
1. 英语优秀, 计算机水平好.
2. 有高尚的职业精神和职业道德
3. 两年以上的工作经验
4. 应届毕业生要求国际贸易专业。
5. 能熟练操作网络平台,有外贸销售经验优先考虑.
6. 熟悉钢铁行业贸易的优先考虑.